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Hitting the Pavement

23 Feb


Wow am i tired today. i have been so busy traveling for work and entertaining my customers that I have not made any time for ME. today after work I put on my running clothes the minute I walked in the house to get in a good run. The problem came in when I sat down to put on my socks and shoes, somehow I fell asleep for about 25 minutes. It was an especially long day today because I did not get home for work yesterday until 11:30pm and then put in another full day today. Regardless, i needed a good workout so from nappy town to intense run I went. Between all the great meals and limited workout time I needed to stay focused. When I woke up from my nap I immediately went out for a run, only to find out that it had started to rain shortly after I arrived home for work. Enough excuses already, I grabbed my raincoat and off I went. I did a quick 25 minute run and then added 50 lunges to the end of the run. I have a lot of work that needs to be done before I am in a bikini this summer so as much as I can fit into one workout the better!

Tv makes the workout fly by…

21 Feb

Today I am stuck in Rehobeth Beach, DE for an overnight for work. It is about 20 degrees here with a chance of freezing rain which means I am stuck using the hotel treadmill to run on. What a better way to pass the time than a great tv show. my show of choice you ask? Property Virgins.  I really do love this channel and love learning about property values in different parts of the country. I have also learned that a good show makes the time fly by on a stupid machine that you absolutely hate! I ran on the treadmill the entire 30 minutes the show was on and it seemed like 5 minutes. I then hopped over to the elliptical machine to get some more of a workout in for another episode but for some reason the bottom of my feet were yelling at me so I only made it about half way in on that episode before calling it quits. New lesson learned, to pass time on the TERRIBLE treadmill, watch a great tv show if it is accessible. 

Beautiful Weather = Outside Run

16 Feb

Wow the weather in DC has been soooo beautiful. I cannot help but to be in a great mood and want to work out when the weather is this nice.  After work, I threw on my running clothes and went for a nice 30 minute run around the neighborhood. I had to pick up some stuff at the grocery store so on my way back home I ran into the grocery store and then walked back home with my groceries to serve as a cool down. This is definitely something I will have to try to incorporate more into my daily routine. The store is so close, when it is nice weather I need to jog over there and walk back, as long as I do not need more groceries than my arms can carry. I hope the nice weather stays so my motivation to shed this winter blubber stay too! 🙂

Swim like a fish…

8 Feb

Today is 4 straight days of working out…..Trying to stay motivated so I decided to go back to my old passion; SWIMMING!

Tonight I met my friend Elyse at the Fairfax community pool and we swam 2000 yards. It felt sooooo good to be in the water again. I was hoping to do 500 m swim, 500m kick, 500m pull, 500m swim but as i was finishing up my 500 swim i started to get the worst pains in my left elbow every time i took a stroke. the only thing i could think of was tendenidious.  How would I have gotten that you ask? Lifting weight on Sunday. I tried too much weight with too many reps too soon and aggrevated my poor elbow.  I thought the point to elbow was the least damage to your body but obviously it is still possible to hurt during lap swimming…who knew? Pain or no pain I went to swim 2000m and I was going to do it.  I just cut out the 500 m pull since that would have really aggrevated it and replaced it with an easy 500 m swim. Between swimming, stretching, and chatting to my friend, I was in the pool for about 40 minutes and was tired afterwards. My goal is to swim at least one day a week and slowly get back into it. Once again this requires finding a gym with a pool. I paid another $6.30 to swim for 40 minutes today…rip off! but i must say it was worth it because i got to see the lee district fairfax county gym which is sooooo much nicer than the mt vernon branch. It is actually large and has plenty of room to workout and walk around. The pool is an Olympic size pool so there are plenty of lanes and there is a large hot tub which is always nice for relaxing.  This may definitely be a gym I check out again especially since it is only 6 miles from my house….WOOHOOO!

I’m Backkkkkkkk…..

8 Feb

Today was a beautiful 50 degrees so when I got off work, I grabbed my husband for a quick 25 minute run around the neighborhood. My legs are really sore from lunges and squats yesterday at the Mt Vernon public gym so I needed to shake out the soreness.  I felt really good on the run today which is very different from how I felt yesterday during my jog around the block after my workout.  I have a goal to lose this winter blubber and with 3 workout days in a row completed, I am getting back in the groove, slowly but surely!

50 degree day = 3 mile run

7 Feb

Today was 50 degrees so I decided to lace up my tennis shoes as soon as I got home and go for a run. I did not run for distance but ran for time. I ran for 26 minutes which should be right around or just under 3 miles.  I decided to run for time just to keep it fun. No need to get competitive with myself and get depressed that it is taking me 9+ minutes to run a mile now since I am soooo out of shape. This worked out great because my mind was right and I felt good. Once again, I ran without my IPOD today so I could really concentrate on my breathing and strides which helped me mentally.

Next errand, running store because my poor little shoes have no soles anymore. I need to take better care of my shoes! HAHA okay so my shoes are not this bad but if I keep working out in them, they will look like this sooner than later…..

Super Bowl FUN!

7 Feb

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday which was a TON of fun! I must admit I was very disappointed that neither the Pats nor the Bears were making an appearance this year.  Although I really did not want to root for either team, I had to pick someone to cheer for if I was going to give football 4 hours of my life.  I of course chose the Green Bay Packers! Mainly because Aaron Rodgers was my fantasy QB who put up major points for me through the entire season, and also maybe because I have a little crush on him.  Regardless it looks as if I chose the right team because the Green Bay Packers are the new Superbowl CHAMPS!   It was a really fun Sunday. Chad and I headed over to our running club friends, James and Elyse to watch the game on their new 46 inch TV. They had the perfect turn out with about 10 people.  Elyse is such a wonderful host and had chicken wings, chips and salsa, and veggies and dip. She then rolled out an entire tray of homemade baked ziti that she made for all of us.  We had plenty of beer to drink which included the Sam Adams variety pack and Yuengling.  For every Steelers touchdown I had to take a jagerbomb and for every Packers TD Chad had to take a Jagerbomb.  Once again, Chad lost so had to take more shots than me which is always a fun night.  We also did a game where we each put small bets on predictions on the game which included 1. who will win the coin toss 2. will it be heads/tails 3. which team will score first td 4. what team will have the first penalty 5. what time will have the first fumble 6. what will be the first black eyed peas song sang 7. what qb will throw first interception 8. what team will be scoring after 1st quarter 9. what time will be scoring going into half 10. what team will win the superbowl and the tie breaker question was total of final score.  It did not get as far as the tie breaker because one party goer got every single football prediction correct, the only question she did not get was the half time show question.  That is very impressive so props to her for guessing correctly 9/10 times. 

….Congratulations Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers.  You are the best team this year!